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Nova by Sting-Eucliffe

this is not a critique: without the dotted lines, this, for me... is a representation of what space looks like when someone is traveling at the speed of light... time slows down !!!

your art is what someone views as they are about to pass the speed of light... there is no sound and the concept of silence becomes the platform for intellect... i'm mesmerized by this work of yours...

i want to collaborate with a few artists... for a movie i'm writing... it comes from my dreams, which have been very different... i'm 60 and a half years young... and the dreams have been causing me to write... when i "make up something" is researchable !!! please get back to me
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Sting-Eucliffe Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
Hehe, thanks. I'm happy to collaborate with anyone, but most of my artwork is spur-of-the moment and no one knows the result. :D
bopowell Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
spent 14 months in silence and traveled
to several countries and it seems important that the world gets the idea we are all related by way of a singular...Mother Earth.

nitty gritty:
been daydreaming and came up with an idea of a fortress in north africa overlooking a large lake and i went thru a naming process to call it GOZO. i then looked online to see if there was a site with that name and discovered there is a place by that name in the place i "made up"... and there is a drawing that was similar to the citadel that is there... am i recalling from another life?!!

the concept:
i have the "idea" that someone traveled here form a long ago and way far away... to draw a vehicle that travels galaxies in space, leaving the star Aludra to come earth, leave a small population, an experiment, to see how they do on this planet.

the collaboration:
(1) you to draw a space vehicle designed to transport large individuals
(2) draw their home sky take off
(3) draw their travel in space getting to or traveling thru a porthole
(4) draw their flight proximity to earth

i want to write the history behind a people on this planet based on my studies thru-out the Yucatan that are related to the Mende Tribes of Africa. If you want we can speak by phone if you're in USA... or chat be privat email... i'm new to this and i'm very serious about it!\
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